How DID they do that?

VLCG works with more than just flash, or movies, or games or HTML. By using transparency in the web page, a "stage curtain" type effect can be created, so that a smooth transition between scenes becomes possible. In addition, by using wipes and other effects, the content can be changed behind the scenes, instead of having to jump as the new graphics load.

We think in terms of the story, instead of thinking in terms of the picture, the sound, the flash, the javascript, or the HTML. It's all very jazzy to talk to a client about this popup you made, or that coding hack, but why should you, the client care? All you should care about is that your message gets across in the most effective way possible. That's VLCG. We work behind the scenes, so your content, be it movies, games, signs, mail, web, music, anything, takes front stage.